Atrium 3D Cinema Karachi

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Atrium 3D cinema Karachi is the first 3D digital cinema in Pakistan and following is the address of Atrium 3D cinema Karachi

Entrance from Raja Ghazanfer Ali Road,
Behind Avari Towers, 3rd Floor,
Atrium Mall Karachi, Pakistan

The sophisticated Three Multi-Screen Cinema Complex is equipped with the state of the art facilities of Digital & 35 MM projection including the world renowned Dolby Digital & DTS Surround Sound. The venue is intended to facilitate over 650 people at one time with cinema ‘A’ seating 154, cinema ‘B’ 176 and cinema ‘D’ 312 which is also additionally equipped with the D- Cinema Projection. The cinema has also been designed to be wheel chair friendly and will also provide Assistive Listening device (ADL) for hearing impaired.

Located behind Avari Towers on the 3rd Floor of Atrium Mall, it enjoys the privilege to be established as the first Multi-Screen Cinema Complex in a Mall environment, hence creating another milestone in the modernization of the Industry. The key people behind this project passionately deliver their vision for an incomparable experience. They include:

a. Mr. Younus Habib (Group Chairman) & Zahid Younus Habib – CEO & Director of the Mall/ Cinemas
b. Mr. Iqbal Machiyara / Rizwan Machiyara – Builder of the Mall/Cinemas
c. Mrs. Naheed Mashooqullah – Interior Designer of the Cinemas
d. Mr. Hussain Chagla – Technical Engineer/Consultant of the Cinemas
e. Mr. Nadeem H. Mandviwalla – Head of Atrium Cinemas Project

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15 Responses to “Atrium 3D Cinema Karachi”

  1. Ambareen Says:

    Ticket for non 3 D is Rs 300 which is cheaper than Cineplex , fantastically clean , you feel you are in Dubai or USA . The snacks counter is good with very friendly and helpful staff . Hotdogs are smaller than the buns ! but otherwise excellent ! Really a great experience

  2. Taimur Ali Says:

    Dawn of the Digital Cinema. The picture quality is breathtaking at the Atrium Cinemas. Beautiful cinema interior and a secured atmosphere for kids and families.

    Atrium is most modern cinema chain built on grande scale with all good branded outlets along its side.

    Highly recommended. The experience of 3-D AVATAR is mind blowing good…

  3. Gary Bennett Says:

    You are kidding me, 3D cinema in Karachi Pakistan i cant believe this. If this is correct then i will defifnitely visit this cinema at every cost. I am in islamabad so i have to plan for it.

  4. Irfan Zuberi Says:

    Check out the details on webside

  5. haji Says:

    wht r the sho timings??

  6. saqib Says:

    hay as salam o alaikum every one,
    cn some one tell me what is d frst show time of movie of 3d or 2d,,,and what vl b d first movie on 20th jan??(both 3d n 2d) pleez do tell me……

  7. Ghayur Says:

    Where one can park the car and what r the show timings?y

  8. arif Says:

    for non 3d movies — price is 300
    for 3d movies — price 650 for the first time including 3d glasses
    next time u bring the glasses and 3d movies price will be 500….

  9. sulian Says:

    Me and my brotehr are planning to to for the 3D one.

  10. Suhail Mirza Says:

    It was a wonderful experience going there… though the ticket price is steep, once you step inside you wanna say “Paisay wasool” the whole ambience is superb, at par with any top cineplex in the world.. I can compare it to Dubai or Singapore where I have personally been.
    My gut feel is it will click… but that the sustainability and wider audience will come with a downward revision in cost or else it will be out of reach of the masses.

  11. umair Says:

    The launch scheduled for all will play Hollywood blockbuster and Oscar-winning ‘Avatar’ in 3D at a price of Rs500 with an additional Rs150 for the reusable 3D glasses, which you can take home. Regular movies such as the Indian ‘Tees Maar Khan’ will cost the cinemagoers Rs300. The third movie on the launch list is Chronicles of Narnia: ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’.

  12. umair Says:

    ticket cost 300 and 500

  13. Danish Siraj Says:

    How much does the ticket cost?

  14. asif Says:

    in future offcourse ..

  15. asif Says:

    m looking forward to see transformers 3D there :)

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