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Pakistan blocks YouTube over Blasphemous Material

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Pakistan blocks YouTube over Blasphemous Material

Posted on 20 May 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 15,492

Facebook Boycott on 20th May 2010

Facebook is Going to Get Banned in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has blocked the popular video sharing website YouTube in a bid to contain blasphemous material, officials said on Thursday.

The blockade came hours after the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) directed Internet service providers to stop access to social network Facebook indefinitely on Wednesday because of an online competition to draw the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) in gross violation of fundamental human rights pertaining to one’s religion.

Wahaj-us-Siraj, the CEO of Nayatel, an Internet service provider, said PTA issued an order late on Wednesday seeking an “immediate” blockade of YouTube.

“It was a serious instruction as they wanted us to do it quickly and let them know after that,” he said while talking to a UK-based news agency.

YouTube was also blocked in the Muslim country in 2007 for about a year for what it called un-Islamic videos.

A PTA official, who declined to be identified, said the action was taken after the authority determined that some sacrilegious caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad were transferred from Facebook to YouTube.

Representation of any prophet is deemed un-Islamic and blasphemous in Islam, let alone the caricature or cartoon of these divine personages.

Siraj said the blocking of the two websites would cut up to 25 percent of total Internet traffic in Pakistan.

“It’ll have an impact on the overall Internet traffic as they eat up 20 to 25 percent of the country’s total 65 giga-bytes traffic,” he said.

Publications of similar cartoons in Danish newspapers in 2005 sparked deadly protests in Muslim countries. Around 50 people were killed during violent protests in Muslim countries in 2006 over the cartoons, five of them in Pakistan.

Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on Denmark’s embassy in Islamabad in 2008, killing six people, saying it was in revenge for publication of the caricatures.

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SC moved against Judicial Commission

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SC moved against Judicial Commission

Posted on 17 April 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,106

ISLAMABAD: The Judicial Commission proposed in the Eighteenth Constitutional Amendment for the appointments of judges, has been challenged in the Supreme Court (SC), Geo News reported Saturday.

Advocate Akram Sheikh filed the petition of Advocate Nadeem Ahmed against the Judicial Commission, pleading to make the federal government as party to the case.

The petition said the new modus operandi poses fourth attack on judiciary after March 9; accordingly, the legislating power of the Parliament should be determined.

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Historic decision of Supreme Court

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Historic decision of Supreme Court

Posted on 24 December 2009 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,634

The landmark verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has totally changed the political scenario of the country, giving way to discussions and debates by people belonging to various schools of thought and opinion. These discussions do not seem to be ending any time soon.

The full court of SC, through its verdict reflecting the wishes of the people, has given a message to the world that the judiciary of Pakistan is independent. For the first time a decision has received such widespread applause. The people are supporting the verdict in almost every forum and every section of the society.

The politicians are vowing not to let the process of democracy derail while the people are showing all out favour for the accountability of corrupt politicians and rulers. They want the plundered money of the country to be brought back.

But it is difficult for the people to digest when all the accused claim that their hands clean. The prices have sky rocketed while unemployment and poverty have increased even further yet these problems go unnoticed and unattended on the part of the people holding reigns of power.

Everyone is in favour of a transparent administration and a clean society. Everyone wants that any kind of confrontation between the institutions must be avoided in the larger interest of the country.

Are the country institutions heading toward any kind of confrontation?

Will the Supreme Court’s verdict pave the path for transparent accountability?

Please, share your views with us.

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Supreme Court strikes down NRO

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Supreme Court strikes down NRO

Posted on 16 December 2009 by PakBee - Total hits: 3,069


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has struck down the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), saying it is unconstitutional.

A 17-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, in his short order, declared the ordinance as unconstitutional and illegal.

According to the judgment, the NRO is contrary to the equality guaranteed by the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Similarly, all the cases, disposed off because of the controversial ordinance, now stand revived as of Oct 5, 2007 position, said the judgment.

In addition, the court has ordered the government that it should immediately reopen the Swiss cases concerning President Asif Ali Zardari.

Earlier, during hearing of petitions against the NRO, the chief justice said even parliament has no right to change the basic structure of the constitution.

“In accordance to oath, we are committed to safeguard the constitution,” he remarked.

Earlier, the chief justice has warned the NAB Chairman Naveed Ahsan about a stern action if something false detected in the list. He ordered the NAB Chairman to sign the list if it was correct. On the court’s order, he signed the list.

The court summoned the summary file of directives issued for the elimination Swiss cases when the hearing resumed on Wednesday. On the excuse of acting attorney general, the court summoned principal secretary and secretary law. Secretary law while presenting the file in the court said attorney general wrote the letter for withdrawal of cases on the directives of Asif Zardari’s lawyer Farooq H Naek that was opposed by the than law minister Zahid Hamid.

The court has expressed displeasure on acting attorney general and said he hide the truth. The principal secretary of president Salman Farooqi informed the court that cases files are not present in presidency. The files were in president’ camp office in Rawalpindi.

The court advisor Mian Allah Nawaz in his arguments termed the NRO as filthy law and said any, which is beneficial for some individuals, is illegal. Another court advisor Shaiq Usmani said there is no legal ground of giving amenity under NRO. President could only issue the ordinance, which will convert into law by the assembly.

In his remarks, chief justice said how assembly could declare corruption as legal. The judges in their remarks said NRO is against Quranic teachings and amenity could only be given to political cases.

The judges said that if it were an ordinance for national reconciliation, then Baloch leaders and Altaf Hussain should also have been called to the country. During the final stages of the hearing, Salman Raja, Akram Chaudhry, Dr Farooq Hussain, Shahid Orakzai and Abdul Hafiz Pirzada completed their arguments.

Another GOLDEN day to touch Milestone in Journey of PAKISTAN!

Supreme Court again


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Supreme Court Online Portal

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Supreme Court Online Portal

Posted on 02 December 2009 by PakBee - Total hits: 21,100

Now you can check the status of any case in Supreme court through its website, by just giving the case number, parties’ name or the date of the case.

Here is the link: http://www.supremecourt.gov.pk/cst/default.asp

Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry inaugurated the online case status software, recently. The software aims to facilitate both the advocates and the litigants, who can inquire the status of their cases online on a daily basis. The searches will only work on the case fixed for hearing before the court as per final/supplementary cause lists.

Through the software, the CJP wishes that each and every case heard by the courts should be made available online.

Here is an example of details that this software will provide – clearly the information provided is very brief, but let’s take this initial step towards digital documentation of all information and then presenting it online.

Supreme Court Online Portal Main

Supreme Court Online Portal

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