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PEMRA orders cable operators to restore Geo News on previous position

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PEMRA orders cable operators to restore Geo News on previous position

Posted on 21 June 2014 by Ariel Sharoon - Total hits: 339

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has ordered the cable operators to restore Geo News on its previous position after midnight.

The media watchdog also directed the cable operators that the channel be restored on its previous position as per the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.


PEMRA’s Director Legal Zahid Malik said that Geo Entertainment license has been suspended for airing disputed content in its morning show Utho Jago Pakistan.

The PEMRA also banned the morning show, its host Shaista Lodhi and entire team of the program from conducting show on any other channel.

The PEMRA further said that the Geo license will remain under observation and the channel is directed to strictly follow the watchdog’s laws.

Pemra has forwarded the notification of restoration of Geo News to all its regional offices with strict direction that the country’s cable operators should obey the order of the Supreme Court according to which the position of Geo News on cable TV network should be the same as was in the second week of April, 2014.

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Pakistan to produce Fifa World Cup soccer balls

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Pakistan to produce Fifa World Cup soccer balls

Posted on 23 May 2014 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,887

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (1)

When FIFA World Cup’s Chinese supplier Adidas failed to keep up with the demand of soccer balls in Rio de Janeiro, a Sialkot ball manufacturing company in Pakistan then stepped in and got the contract.

The 159th-ranked football nation and a country known as a cricketing nation – Pakistan will be exporting the soccer balls for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (2)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (3)

It was when he felt the roar of the crowd at the 2006 World Cup in Germany that Pakistani factory owner Khawaja Akhtar first dreamt up a goal of his own: to manufacture the ball for the biggest soccer tournament on the planet.

Last year he finally got his chance – but only 33 days to make it happen.

Factory owner Khwaja Akhtar, who has made balls for the German Bundesliga, French league and the Champions League, is excited with the challenge of being a part of World Cup soccer history.

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (4)

“It was when I felt the roar of the crowd at the 2006 World Cup that I dreamt of a goal of my own: to manufacture the ball for the biggest football tournament on the planet,” Akhtar said.

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (5)

“The people were chanting all around me. I just thought, this is the real thing. I was part of the crowd. I never had that kind of feeling before,” added Akhtar.

Sialkot, a town in eastern Pakistan, was once the unassailable soccer ball production capital of the world — exporting about 30 million balls a year, an estimated 40 percent of global production — but India and China have recently caught up.

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (6)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (7)

In December 2013, Brazil unveiled the latest soccer ball for the 2014 edition — the Brazuca — on the official FIFA World Cup website.

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (8)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (9)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (10)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (11)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (12)

The Brazuca features a striking new design and new panel system. Six identical interlocking panels make up the ball’s synthetic surface, thermally bonded to keep out moisture.

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (13)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (14)

Fifa World Cup Soccer Ball to produce in Pakistan (2)

The month-long tournament, which kickstarts on June 12, has 32 of the worlds best sides locking horns in the most watched event in sports.

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Google India Pakistan TV Commercial – The Most Emotional TV Commercial from Google

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Google India Pakistan TV Commercial – The Most Emotional TV Commercial from Google

Posted on 15 November 2013 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,349

Google Pakistan India TV Commercial

Google India released a commercial titled ‘Google Commercial: Pakistan India Reunion’ relating a tear-jerking story of how the tech giant’s search functions helped two childhood friends, separated due to the Partition of Pakistan India border, are reunited.

The three-and-a-half minute commercial starts with Suman, a young girl in India, listening to her grandfather narrate his memories of Yousuf, his childhood friend he had shared memorable times with, in Lahore.
“Partitions divide countries, friendships find a way,” says the caption below the video, which is one in a series of five videos.
With watery eyes, he explains how the Partition split the two pals apart, with Yousuf staying in Pakistan as his friend crossed into India.
Distraught over the tale narrated by her grandfather, Suman takes a chance and runs a random search on Google.

Suman ‘googles’ the trivia from her grandfather’s story to connect the dots and with just a few keystrokes, pinpoint the current whereabouts of Yousuf in Lahore.
‘An old gate’ and ‘jhajariya’ are all it takes Google to take Suman (girl) to Yousuf (boy) and his grandson Ali, an admittedly miraculous feat by the standards of only one generation ago.
The advertisement is currently going viral and owes its spiraling views to the overwhelming emotional appeal, grossing upwards of 100,000 views and innumerable facebook posts and tweets.
But it is also helping Google reemphasise the importance it assigns to the company’s contribution toward connecting humanity and making actual, tangible effects on lives.

That was one of core elements emphasised in this summer’s Hollywood film “The Internship“, which was in fact derided by many critics as a “two-hour long Google commercial”.

Watch Video on Facebook – Google Commercial: Pakistan India Reunion

Another aspect tying the movie with the commercial is the tech giant’s attempt to shed the association with a certain age group. While ‘The Internship’ portrayed that even two middle-aged outmoded salesmen could create a space for themselves at the company, ‘Reunion’ portrays Google’s service to an age-group two generations older than Suman and Ali.

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Travel Agents Stole Rs. 72 Million Worth of E Tickets From PIA Website

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Travel Agents Stole Rs. 72 Million Worth of E Tickets From PIA Website

Posted on 20 August 2013 by PakBee - Total hits: 1,103

72 Million Worth of E Tickets From PIA WebsiteIn a shocking event of cyber crime, it is revealed that Rs. 72 million worth of E-Tickets were stolen by various individuals and Air Travel Agents through Pakistan International Airline (PIA) website, reported Dunya Newspaper.

Report said that tickets were stolen for more than a year and it was only recently that PIA administration found out the flaw in their website that lead to free reservation of 5757 air travel tickets for all sorts of destinations across the globe.

Government officials confirmed the incident and said that details of the cyber crime will be presented during on-going session of National Assembly.

It merits mentioning here that PIA had started offering E-Ticketing service through its websites for over two years ago but had halted the service recently after finding out about the scandal.

According to report, these tickets were reserved through PIA websites and were re-sold to end-users who travelled on the stolen tickets without getting caught by PIA administration.

Report claims that PIA website had essential security loopholes that lead the Air Travel Agents to freely reserve E-Tickets.

Interestingly, the security loophole was misused by agents for over a year and no-one from PIA was able to track it.

A cyber security expert, while explaining the possibilities to ProPakistani, said that it is likely that PIA administration was involved in the crime. He opined that Travel Agents are usually not that tech-savvy and may not have found the bug without external help.

PIA said that it is making efforts to recover the money and some Rs. 10 milion were already recovered.

Via PakZindaBad, ProPakistani & Dunya News

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Pakola: The Green Soda to be discontinued

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Pakola: The Green Soda to be discontinued

Posted on 01 August 2013 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,519


KARACHI: After more than 60 years, production of locally made soft-drink Pakola may come to an end as the government reintroduces the infamous capacity tax, which is blamed for devastating Pakistani beverage makers in the early 1990s, industry officials told The Express Tribune.

“Production and distribution of all the bottles, including 300 millilitres and 1.5 litres, has stopped,” said Qamar Pervez, a marketing manager at Mehran Bottlers, which owns Pakola along with brands like Bubble Up, Apple Sidra and Double Cola.

“We are only supplying the product in cans. We can’t afford the risk because of the nature of this tax. What if we go to court, lose, and the tax is implemented? Who is going to pay the penalty then?” asked Pervez. The company markets the cans mostly in foreign markets.


Pervez didn’t say when exactly production was stopped and couldn’t confirm if it was a permanent decision. Managing Director for the company Zeeshan Habib wasn’t immediately available to comment.

The government imposed a capacity tax on the manufacturers of aerated waters in Budget 2013-14. This basically means companies will pay sales tax and federal excise duty on production potential of the machinery instead of actual output.

The tax ranges from Rs1.17 million per valve to Rs4.7 million per valve. The valve is the nozzle of the machine used to fill bottles.

Some local beverage makers have already taken stay orders from courts to stop government from enforcing the tax, industry official said.

However some claim there is an uglier side to this story. Industry members say owners of local beverage companies have thrived on tax evasion.

“They pay sales tax on one truck instead of the three which leave the factory gates. Then they complain they aren’t doing well,” said a businessman affiliated with Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Small vs multinationals

The capacity tax was first introduced in 1991 during Nawaz Sharif’s first government. The industry was made to pay Rs65,000 per valve until the decision was revoked in 1994. But by then the damage had already been done.


“Many companies had to shut down factories because of that tax. Until the early 1990s, local beverage companies had 40% market share while the rest was controlled by multinationals. After a few years, we only had a 10% share,” said an industry official who requested anonymity since his company is involved in litigation.

Although multinational firms will end up paying the most because of the size of their factories, they are in a much better position to afford such a hit, claim local producers. Everything comes down to efficiency of the machine and demand for the product in market.

“If they have the latest machine, and mine is 20 years old, how can you compare the two when the owner of the new efficient machine can easily produce more?”

When capacity tax was imposed for the first time in 1990s, the multinational beverage giants had to pay phenomenal amounts in freight to airlift the heavy machinery to Pakistan. The new machines were imported in a matter of days.

There is the problem of power breakdowns and the law and order situation, which often reduces the working hours. “The big company has the muscle to pay all but we can’t,” said the official.

Local producers warn that the shutdown of local manufactures will give multinationals a commanding edge in the ‘price war’

“They are not vying to get the competition. It’s a price war instead. If they sell a bottle for Rs75 instead of Rs85, it’s because we are there in the market selling our product at Rs 65. This is what they want to eliminate,” said the industry official.

Retail and wholesale shops have started to feel shortage of Pakola, which usually sees growth in sales during in the month of Ramazan. Consumers and industry members reacted strongly to the news, which has already been doing rounds on the social media.

Source; http://tribune.com.pk/story/584777/bleeding-green-pakola-fizzles-out-as-capacity-tax-reintroduced/

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