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That’s All Women Want …

Posted on 21 November 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 5,764

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…Plain looking husband

Plain looking husband

…normal simple ring

normal simple ring

…small wedding party

small wedding party

…honeymoon at any place

honeymoon at any place

…small house for the kids to run around

small house for the kids to run around

…lovely children

lovely children

…husband is a family man

husband is a family man

…but work hard

but work hard

…small car for shopping

small car for shopping

…another car for kids

other car for kids

…some collections

some collections

…shoes for each occasion

shoes for each occasion

…some nice outfits

some nice outfits

…a bit of cosmetics

a bit of cosmetics

…a bit of makeup

a bit of makeup

…overseas trip once a year

overseas trip once a year

…more often on domestic trips

more often on domestic trips



… Presents occasionally

Presents occasionally

…finally, some securities.

finally, some securities

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