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Mobilink & Ufone Sign Agreement for Tower Sharing

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Mobilink & Ufone Sign Agreement for Tower Sharing

Posted on 15 April 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 3,661

Ufone Mobilink thumb Mobilink & Ufone Sign Agreement for Tower SharingMobilink and Ufone signed an accord to enter into an agreement for tower sharing.

The agreement was signed between Rashid Khan, President and CEO of Mobilink, and Abdul Aziz, President and CEO of Ufone at the Mobilink House.

This collaborative effort is in line with the initiatives taken by the Pakistan Telecom Authority and the Federal Government to encourage cellular providers to drive greater efficiencies while reducing the carbon foot print.

Sharing his views, Rashid Khan said,

“This alliance is mutually beneficial and will also facilitate us to better align ourselves with our strategic initiatives and become greener. This will further enhance Mobilink’s coverage footprint, already the widest, hence, bringing more value to the customer which is our top priority.”

Commenting on the accord, Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone, said,

“Ufone has had a keen interest in exploring newer avenues for our “Go Green” initiative and this tower sharing alliance is another step forward to further enhance our initiative. With this alliance Ufone has moved ahead to ensure customers have seamless connectivity no matter where they are in the country. This follows similar alliances with other operators hence allows us to create a positive network layout most beneficial to the customer”

Through sharing of their network infrastructures the two cellular providers will be able to enhance the customer experience by offering a wider coverage footprint, driving synergies and reducing their respective carbon foot prints.


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Ufone Profits Up 82 %, Revenues Up 16 % in First Half 2011


Ufone Profits Up 82 %, Revenues Up 16 % in First Half 2011

Posted on 21 March 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,641

The revenue earned by PTML (Ufone), the wholly-owned subsidiary of PTCL, was higher by 16%, while the profit of PTML (Ufone) was recorded 82% higher in first half 2011 as compared to same duration last year, said the half yearly financial report published by PTCL.

Figures for profits and revenues were not made public, but according to Telecom Recorder’s estimates based on last year’s reports, Ufone’s revenues stood around Rs. 25 billion and profits remained at Rs. 2 billion during the reported duration.

Citing a PTA report, Telecom Recorder claims that Ufone received the highest traffic of SMS. It witnessed exchange of more than 10 billion SMS in July to December 2010.

In December only, the SMS sent on Ufone network was recorded 2.25 billion whereas the outgoing and on-net SMS numbers hit at 2.15 billion, further said the Telecom Recorder.

Ufone added a total of 725,902 subscribers during July-December 2010.

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Ufone Introduces Blackberry Bold 9780

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Ufone Introduces Blackberry Bold 9780

Posted on 13 February 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 4,416

Ufone today announced the launch of Blackberry Bold 9780 Smartphone for its subscribers.

BlackBerry Bold™ 9780 smartphone comes with the advanced BlackBerry® 6 OS. It is equipped with a 5 MP camera, grouped social feeds and so much more to excite U.

BlackBerry Bold™ 9780 Specifications:

  • A faster interface and integrated social networking and email.
  • 624 MHz processor
  • 512MB installed memory, expandable to 32GB with micro SD card.
  • Improved web browser.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 5 megapixel camera.
  • BlackBerry OS 6.
  • 3G/HSDPA
  • Wi-Fi 802.1 b/g with UMA
  • Bluetooth 2.1 w/A2dp
  • Gps with aGPS support
  • Music player.
  • QWERTY keyboard.
  • Screen resolution of 480 x 360 pixels.
  • Talk time 7 hours.
  • Video player with recorder.

Price and Availability:

  • Ufone is offering Blackberry Bold 9780 Smartphone for Rs. 45,000
  • Blackberry Bold 9780 is available at all Ufone Service Centers

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Ufone Offers 100,000 SMS to 1 Number Per Month for Rs. 10


Ufone Offers 100,000 SMS to 1 Number Per Month for Rs. 10

Posted on 02 February 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 3,096

Which means, Ufone Uth customers can send 100,000 SMS to one Ufone number for Rs. 10 plus tax for one month.

Above equation seems pretty appealing, however, variables are increasing with every new offer coming from cellular companies.

With its current offer, Ufone is claiming that this is cheapest SMS rate in the world. Rightly so, however, this cheapest possible SMS could get the love juice from the whole world if it had come with a liberty of sending SMS from any Ufone number to anyone, on any network.

If you want to avail this offer, and are switching your number to Uth, then be informed, that there are daily charges of Rs. 1 per day with Ufone Uth Package. Here are complete details on Ufone Uth Package.

Here is what Ufone has to say about its claim:

These SMS rates are the lowest in the world. This is based on the SMS rates comparison given on the website of the cellular companies on 24th January, 2011.

For companies based outside Pakistan, the comparison is based on rates after conversion from Dollars to Rupees(as of 24th January, 2011). This comparison does not include packages based on location, time specific or packages with friends and family daily or monthly charges.

The charges do not include 19.5% FED and 10% Income Tax charges which will be charged as per the prevailing Pakistani law.

And just for a clue, anyone can beat Ufone’s this offer. Here are tips:

  • Get a new package with daily line rent of Rs. 10
  • Offer 1,000,000 (one million) SMS a month to one customer for this package and – Bang!

Never mind, Pakistani cellular users are now used to of such caps that come with mobile packages.

Here are interesting Facts, you may want to consider:

  • Seconds in one month (60 x 60 x 24 x 30) : 2,592,000
  • Time required to send one SMS: 7 seconds (on average – actual time may vary from 4 seconds to 12 seconds)
  • Total possible outgoing SMS in one month: 370,285

Just for records, if you send back to back SMS for one whole month, you won’t be able to send more than 370,285 text messages in one month. Just to mention, this doesn’t include composing time or anything else, these stats are for back to back SMS.

How to Activate:

To activate this offer simply send your desired number to 604


  • To Add the number as FnF, SMS the FnF Number to 604
  • To Edit existing FnF number, SMS the FnF Number to 9104
  • To Query the FnF number, SMS ‘INFO’ to 9192
  • To Remove/Deactivate FnF package, SMS ‘UNSUB’ to 8104
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies

Terms & Conditions:

  • This package is only available to Uth Package customers
  • FnF Number can only be an On-Net number
  • Only one On-Net number can be added as an FnF Number at any time
  • Customers can update/edit their FnF number as many times as they want by sending the FnF number to 9104
  • FnF update/Edit charges are Rs. 10+tax
  • SMS to all other numbers will be charged as per the customer’s tariff plan
  • Customer can also subscribe to the SMS Buckets along with FnF package
  • FnF Package will have the highest priority in case of subscription to SMS buckets, that is no deductions from Bucket SMS would be made in case of SMS to the FnF number
  • The FnF package is valid for 30 days from the time of the package activation
  • Upon the expiry of the FnF package after 30 days, the package will be renewed automatically
  • Unsubscription charges are Re. 1+tax
  • Query Charges are Rs. 0.5+ tax
  • All charges are exclusive of tax

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Incoming MMS On Ufone Goes Free!

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Incoming MMS On Ufone Goes Free!

Posted on 04 May 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 11,000

After Telenor and Zong, now Ufone is also offering free incoming MMS, which means Ufone customers can now receive MMS without any charge.

Earlier, Ufone was charging same tariff for both sending and receiving MMS.

Additionally, like before, you can send Multimedia Messages to Ufone numbers via email. Process is very simple, just attach images, songs, or anything with your email and send to ufone_number@ufonemms.com, for instance:  03335555xxx@ufonemms.com and that’s it.

Note: Make sure attachment size is considerable, 100 KB or less is good.

Tip: You can use email to MMS service to transfer files to friends n family, files of any type, even Word documents. While receiving those files (in MMS), you can save them in phone memory and then transfer to your computer for further use.

Please note that this offer has not been announced on Ufone’s website as of now.

Thanks to Sufiyan Shakil for notifying us about this.

MMS Service Comparison

  • Telenor: Users can send MMS to Emails, Cannot receive Email to MMS, however MMS receiving is totally free. Zong:
  • Zong: Incoming MMS are free but Zong has not started Email to MMS yet, Zong has even disabled MMS to Email to force its customers to use alternate service Zong one, which is not free.
  • Ufone: Users can send MMS to Email, Email to MMS, MMS receiving is free.
  • Warid: MMS receiving is not free, in some prepaid SMS packages MMS receiving is free but customer is charged from the SMS package units. Email to MMS is not available.
  • Mobilink: MMS receiving is free – but GPRS charges apply if MMS size increases 7 KB.


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