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18th Amendment Bill Charter of Democracy.

Atta and Presidential crisis

By Elections Peoples Party still could not decide to offer ticket News

Cases are been prepared against Liaquat Jatoi and Arbab Rahim News

Coalition Parteners

Democracy is KUFR

First Concrete Steps To Implement

I am very much popular in abroad - Musharaf

NAB has withdrawn all cases against politicians Report

Nawaz Sharif doing power politics. Q-League

Now i m not taking interest in Q-leagues politics Sheikh Rashid

PML-N PPP attract PML-Q

PML-Q leadership.

Political Confrontation is over

Political Turmoil

Poor Peoples Problems

Possibility of changing of Q-League leadership trying to replace Shujaat with Chatha


Presidential Elections candidates

Resolution tabled to cut Presidents Power PML-N

25 Independent MPAs of Punjab joined PML(N)

After Excile - Cefire Arrival of Nawaz

Agreement between Nawaz Sharif and Zardari to establish government together

Aimed to finish 58  2B. Nawaz Sharif

Aitazaz Ahsan has taken resignation back. News

America assured to a give accompany to democracy. Zardari

America contributed a vital role in our defeat.Q League

America made decision to help civilian Government except Presedent Mushrraf. News

America wants to keep Presedent Pervez in to new system. Analysts

Americans agreed to work together with Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. News

Arbab Raheem - BB

Arbab Rahim is a remote-comtrolled Chief Minister  Nisar Khuro

BB - Musharaf

BB asked Fazal to strugle along with her

Beat politely

Benazir agrees for the second presidential term of Gen Musharraf - Report

Benazir Musaharaf Shujaat

Benazir Nawaz Qazi Imran agree to launch joint campaign

Benazir went to Dubai, Charter of Demand delayed

Bibi and Fazal will not bycott the election

Caretaker setup will be very limited


Contact of Nawaz Sharif with Jamali

Contacts of many senators of Q League with People Party and N League. News

Deadline of restoration of judges lost.


Did not accept mistakes. Shujaat

Don't worry i will stand along with you.


Election' there is danger of collision between N-League and Q League

Election Time

Elections Boycott!Nawaz & BB will convince each other

Everything is fine

Fazl-Ur-Rehman has no any relation with MMA. Qazi

Government wants quarrel between PPPP & PML-N  Amin Fahim

Govt has option if opposition blocks president re-election - Niazi

I & Nawaz sharif are engaged in back channel talks with Government - Benazir

I am being made a scapegoat - Shaujat

I am looking the departure of Presedent Musharraf's rule. Nawaz Sharif

I am your servent not Makhdoom.Yousaf Raza Gillani

Indoor Enemy - Govt has marked 18 Parlimentarians

Issue of restoration of Judges

Maulana and Imran Khan

MMA has postphoned its decision of quitting the Parliament

MQM sit in opposition. Shujaat

Musharaf - Benazir deal in jeopardy due to Shaujaat Opposition

Musharaf has to face collision if he doesn't deal with me - Benazir

Musharraf also has a role in new set up. America

Musharraf and Benazir are correspodent of America

Musharraf belongings shifted to President House from Army House

Musharraf must leave. Nawaz Sharif

N League and ANP anounced to contest in Elections

New Government

New political party can be announce to organise. Khar

No Comments

Not to afraid ,on 18 February must come to vote me

Our and Fazl-ur-Rehman's destinations are different. Qazi

Peoples Party doing revenge Politics. Arbab Rahim

Pervaiz Ellahi can handle the country very well. American Survey

PM Seat

PML decides to follow strict election strategy against Benazir

Political agenda of Musharraf has failed - Fazl-ur-rehman

Political Cartoon

PP will fully participate in the upcomming elections  Ameen Faheem


PPP & PML-N couldn't agree upon APC's hosting  Report

PPP allowed five MNA of PML-Q to join People Party

PPP should know that General Pervaiz train has left -Durrani

Presedent Pervez wants pleasant relationship with new government. Rashid Qureshi

President Election - General vs Justice BBC

President Musharraf has started the campaign of PML(Q) - BBC

Prime Ministership

Primiership has been running after me since 1988. Amin Fahim

Promises, Satisfactions, Sport

Publish in the British News Paper

Qaid-e-Azam had laid the foundation of Pakistan on the basis of Ghandi Jee's principles- Farooq Satar

Q-League will stop Nawaz Shrif to participate in by elections.News

Scat adjustment with PPP is possible - Pagara

Sign of adjustment between Nawaz League and PPP

The Political companionship between Peoples Party and N League has ended

There are extreme differences in ruling collation.Pervez Ellahi

There will be no electricity shutdown in any part of the country - Jatoi

There will be Seat adjustment between PPP and N-League News


Trying to be in agreement Jamalee


US - Musharaf - BB


we don't care whatever democracy in Pakistan American Ambassador

We established opposition but winners has not yet established the Government! Pervez Ellahi

We participated in government for National interest . Fazl-ur-Rehman

We will come back with brute majority

We will come out from fitful situation. Presedent Musharraf

We will continue to support Presedent Musharaf. Peer Pagara

We will return

We wish to see Musharaf and Benazir working together

Welcome to MQM if they want talk.Nawaz Sharif

Without Discussion

Without Discussion MMA


Yesterday Today

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