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Facebook is Going to Get Banned in Pakistan

Posted on 18 May 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 26,327

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After clear discrimination of Facebook for not banning blasphemous Fan Page, Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom has directed PTA to ban Facebook Page in Pakistan, told us sources close to authority.

A reliable source, who is in direct contact with Secretary MoIT, told ProPakistani that ministry has issued the directive to PTA to ban said blasphemous content in the country.

Ministry of Information Technology directs PTA for banning any URL or whole of website in case of any inappropriate content available on it.

It is yet to be ascertained if the whole Facebook will be banned or just a single URL will be filtered. In both the situations, Step is inline with thousands of Facebook users and according to their urge of boycotting Facebook on May 20th.

It merits mentioning here that a Fan Page on Facebook is encouraging its members to draw Prophet Mohammad’s drawings (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa-aal-hi-Wasallam).

Despite thousands of requests, Facebook didn’t put this page down even it violated Facebook’s own terms of services.

Update: (3:14 PM – May 18, 2010) We have received confirmation from PTA that directive has been issued to all ISPs for blocking a single URL (of the particular Fan Page). Order was issued by Yawar Yasin, Director Enforcement PTA.

PTCL has confirmed the recipient of the order and said that specific URL is in process of being blocked throughout its network.

Update: (8:24 PM – May 18, 2010) Facebook fan page in question is still opening on various ISPs, however, reports are coming that specific URL is inaccessible on selected ISPs. Complete blackout is expected later tonight.

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129 Responses to “Facebook is Going to Get Banned in Pakistan”

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  1. nadeem ansari Says:

    face book should ban not only in pakistan but in all muslim countries beacause student and other person spend there most time in face book and get no valuable return of there time and on tha other hand face book also promote weston culture in our country which badly effect our young goneration and there future so please for pakistan future ban dirty book and stand for inklab which come in pakistan very soon and no recent or future govt. represent this butt only new young generation

  2. XS Says:

    Facebook are the live example and Pandora’s box of all evils retaliated by so-called literates and moderate people, who are sick, pessimist and are narrow-minded from inside. They are basically worshippers of Evil, they even didnt follow their religion, as no religion allow to humiliate the Prophet, the finest human beings of the earth.

    By making sketches of the whole universe pious and respectful man, making a film on him, distorting his image.

    What the damn its been called ‘freedom of expression’? like hurting anyone’s faith and targeting his belief is freedom, it all non-sense and ill-mindedness.

    Have any Muslim in the world having 1.2 billion in population ever burnt bible or any other holy book? never, beacause we cannot become a true Muslim if we have faith on the other prophets who brought holy books, hebrew Bible, Tawrat (Torah), Injil (Gospel), Zaboor (even sum of these books, like New testament are not in its original form today), we also firm belief on Jesus and Moses.

    Than how can we branded as fundamentalist or extrement or worst terrorist than?

    we have millions of ppl with names of Eisa, Moses (Mosa A.S), but nobody have ever heard that any christian or jewish taking name Muhammad?

    Think about it…

  3. aliya zahid Says:

    Face book should ban the groups which are about religions so that such thing will never happen again but i think banning complete face book would be more beneficial rather then just banning such things otherwise non-Muslims will find some other ways to disturb Muslims.The face book will suffer huge lose just because of this.


    i think in Pakistan facebook should completly banned . PTA should take special initiatives on this matter.

  5. Mansoor Nasir Says:

    I hate facebook now . . . I joined pakistan’s own social Network

  6. mahnoor Says:

    i cannot belive some people think staying quite is better than banning fb. Action speaks more than words its there line why can we not follow it and bam fb for ever . we donot say ca thing abt them so they should not say any thing abt us.

  7. Murad - Activating Body Scrub Says:

    [...] Facebook Banned In Pakistan – PTA Blocked Facebook In Pakistan … Submitted on:Wednesday 2nd of June 2010 09:18:39 AM voted by 7 users [...]

  8. Emily Says:

    i think it should be banned permanently. join why depend on them when we can have our own great sites

  9. Muhammad Says:

    Boycott Facebook forever

    We are inviting Muslim from all over the world to come and join Peace full Protest against the Blasphemous competition on facebook. We are offering the Muslim to boycott facebook forever not only for 03 days in just few days their losses reached to billions. Don’t worry about the Salary Inshah Allah you will rewarded in the AAKHEERA.

  10. Bilal Tahir Says:

    join for prophet SAWW

  11. Bilal Tahir Says:

    i think it should be banned permanently. join why depend on them when we can have our own great sites

  12. Aisha Says:

    i hate face book n face book owner. May Allah burn then in hell. Plz Block face book for ever. We youth hate them all.

  13. Don Says:

    facebook should be banned in all islamic countries .

  14. SAAD Says:

    i love PTA, We want facebook block permanent.

  15. mojojojo Says:

    hAM haMeSHa .. hInDUs k mAZak uRa tAy hAin kAbhi yeH s0cHa hAI kE hUmaRay mAzHab kA bhi k0i mAZak ura sAKta haI .. kALi mAA pE kItne j0ke bAnatE h0 TUm l0g .. q baNa tE h0 .. yeH bHi ghaLat haI ..tAbhi iNdIAnS dAndA DEtaY hAIn pAKIntAniy0n k0 .. aGar th0sa sA sAMjh ja0 gE nA t0u tUm l0g kabhi kISSi mazhAb kA mAZaq nAE ura0 gE .. aUr jIsS dIn tUm l0g0n nE yEH aDAT khAtAm kaRDe usSdIn hUmARay mAzHab kA k0i maZak naE urAye gA ..

  16. mojojojo Says:

    .. i haTe th0se pPl .. wHu sAid tHat wE lUv MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) aNd tHeY r uSIng fb .. wtf ..

  17. maryam Says:

    A humble request to PTA that facebook should be block forever in Pakistan…………..

  18. maryam Says:

    i am veeery!pleased from the action of pta and face book was a trick from jews to control the minds of muslims in this clever way and complete thier mission to week the muslim ummah so plz avoid it!!!!

  19. shahmeer Says:

    plz banned facebook forever

  20. Mfsmkhan89 Says:

    Any Muslime who read Kalma cant tolrate thses attitudes from anybody, and we as Muslim have the same respect for all the NABIS and PROPHETS, but its our weakness that who wants to make fun of our religion, can do ……. And what is our reaction???? Just banned that typical URL, that website for sometime or forever .only? Is the remedy? Cant we talk with them on equal level, cant we inquire about that . we are scared people, thats why jews and all other rule on Muslims….. Why cant our government talk to the authorities, WHY? what happened with ban? People already dont sign up Face book, so what we do on govt level, being a Muslim why dont our govt has courage to talk with the FB authorities …. Banned is nothing.. Why cant we stop them? Why we Muslims are scared of… Because we all forget ISLAM. its all just a propaganda Demo, we from inside are weak, we from inside just think about ourselves only , what is Islam, what is his value, what is the meaning of life , we all forget……. On one side we ban the FB and on the other side we read, we listen we dance, we drink , we do all that which is prohibited in Islam. but for a propaganda we come out and show our double personalities…. baN IS NOTHING, WE NEED CHANGE IN OURSELVES ONLY, WHEN WE WILL BE MUSLIMS, TRUE MUSLIMS, BELIEVE ME NO ONE CAN NAME OUR PROPHET IN BAD WAYS, NO ONE CAN ABUSE OUR RELIGION. JUST TO MAKE YOURSELF A MUSLIM ONLY….

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