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NUST Students Prepare Brain Controlled Robotic Arm

Posted on 23 July 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 3,702

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Handicaps are always considered integrated part in every society. So most people don’t even think of making something useful for such people but there are minds which always think out the box.

They think how can we use our God gifted talent to serve other humans, which bring true value to society as Einstein said “Try not to become a man of successful but rather a man of value”.


 کوئی قابل ہو تو ہم اسے شان کہی دیتے ہیں
ڈھونڈنے والوں کو دنیا نئی دیتے ہیں

This is a verse by Allama Iqbal which conveys message from God to a common man that “If you’re talented and you work hard you’ll be rewarded”. It’s rightly said that “Human brains have powers beyond measures”. This statement has been proven by a group of Pakistani students from NUST University who recently invented Brain Controlled Artificial Robotic Hand.

This Robotic Hand is very simple to operate and it’s a blessing for handicapped people. Just connect some sensors with your arm, now whatever you think in your brain regarding the movement of your arm this robotic arm will follow your brain’s order.

These kinds of projects are very rare and expensive in the world but Pakistani students maashaaAllah with their talent and hard work proved again that when we work for what we desire we get what we need.

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