Basit Riaz Sheikh

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Basit Riaz Sheikh, a Pakistani Ph.D student in AVLSI Lab at Cornell University, the United States has won the best paper award at Global Scientific Conference-2010 held in Grenoble, France.

World’s fastest supercomputers are characterized by the number of floating-point operations they can perform in one second.

Basit Riaz Sheikh (son of former ADG FIA Ahmed Riaz Sheikh) presented the design and implementation of a first high-performance asynchronous floating-point unit.

Compared against the state-of-the-art designs including the commercially manufactured microprocessors in nanoscale technology, Basit’s fully implemented transistor-level design not only performed at 3.2 times higher speed but also consumed 6 times less energy.

He was awarded the best paper award for his ground-breaking research.

Basit is the first Pakistani to win such a prestigious award at a premier circuits and computer design conference.

He is advised by a renowned scientist, Professor Manohar who recently co-founded Achronix Semiconductor, a 100 million dollar giga-scale asynchronous chip design company.

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4 Responses to “Basit Riaz Sheikh”

  1. 4
    Adil Says:

    Basit came back to Pakistan and then became CEO of USF, the company that has about 50 Bil Rs in its funds for development of Telecom in rural areas.
    I worked as TA for USF and observed nothing good during my visits to the company.
    He has utterly disappointed us all. He maintained the previous dirty policies of
    nepotism, favoritism, cronyism and mismanagement. The not for profit organization is today overburdened with tens of useless and irrelevant staff who have been hired and maintained for political benefits. Peons, go boys, drivers, female personal assistants and what not for the political useless goofs. The whole organization is turned into a Wadera Shahi that is there to abuse power and enjoy privileges.
    Today, illegal promotions, nepotism, abuse of power and office resources, benefits to favor political appointees are the norms. The company grew to three times its previous size, the space is increased from one floor to two, but the very purpose of the organization is lost. The web site portrays the same projects delayed, extended and re-advertised again and again. His friends and cronies now rule and abuse. Working for USF is a nightmare, u work, u get abused and not paid. They have lawyers who threat u if u don’t submit to pay bribes.

    The company has grown to an empire on money that comes from the telecom sector and sort of a donation, it is for the poor masses, to extend telecom and to bridge digital divide. The vision and work is totally lost today.

    Basit has been a great disappointment for me, as I had very high expectations, I believed he will bring Cornell’s norms to work, i.e. equality and absolute merit, very unfortunately he brought Sindhi Wadera Shahi.

    I don’t know who would lead us, if someone with his education and caliber is practically as bad as Asher, then there is no hope left for the nation.


  2. 3
    Rashid Younus Says:

    Great Job Basit…

  3. 2
    Ahsan khan Says:

    we are proud on Basit Riaz, Pakistan zindabad

  4. 1
    Hamid Ejaz Says:

    Really Good Job and Well Done!!!!

    Pakistan Zindabad 🙂 ….

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