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PTCL is Going to Double the DSL Speeds

Posted on 01 March 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 35,521

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It seems like PTCL is going to double the DSL speeds of broadband customers very soon, most likely with in month or two, at most – same like it did last year. According to news the existing packages will be doubled as

• 1 mbps to 2 mbps
• 2 mbps to 4 mbps
• 4 mbps to 8 mbps

According to PTCL representative and feedback of different users PTCL is testing these double speeds on randomly selected subscribers from different areas of country. These users will be downgraded after the testing period ends to their original speeds and will be upgraded after official announcement, which is most likely to be on 23rd March, but can be delayed as no final date has been announced yet.

The up gradation process may take several months according to the size of network. Though PTCL is using is ADSL2+ which supports up to 24mbps but at same time there are many subscribers on Copper media, which supports up to 4 mbps at most (that too with distortion).

We hope that student package users will also get this upgrade and can enjoy higher speeds at discounted rates as recently PTCL discontinued all student packages above 1mbps.

We will keep you informed on this, you can also share your experience in comments if you got this test up gradation.

No official words on the situation yet.

via ProPakistani

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28 Responses to “PTCL is Going to Double the DSL Speeds”

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  1. 28
    rana naeem Says:

    ptcl ke speed bohat kam hain
    aur ais ke services dunia ke gandi tareen services hain

  2. 27
    wah ptcl wah Says:

    buhahaha hilarious double the speed? means the speed I am having which is 15kb right now on this 3.1 mb will remain 7.5 kb? seriously ptcl >>> you suck with tiny mouth. I don’t need answers k meri speed 15kb kiyu aa rahi hai, coz I know this is all you suckers got. go fuck yourself, aaj kharidi thi kal wapis krne jaon ga, na rakhi tou tor doon ga wahi pe. fuqray saalay!

  3. 26
    IJAZ ULHAQ Says:

    MY DSL SPEED 1MB BUT HE DNT WORK AND SPEED IS VERY SLOW SO MY PTCL NUMBER 0512304143 so kindly solve the problm

  4. 25
    Abrar Says:

    The Director Administration
    Dear Sir
    I have lodged following on line complains, which is self-explanatory few days back but it is to say with great regret that, as per previous nothing has so far been done.
    My Internet connection goes off line within 5 to 10 minutes.
    After repeated complaints, once lineman came but the problem is still there.
    I once again request that if PTCL is incompetent, unable to hear, unwilling to resolve the problem or not interested to retain customer then KINDLY INTERNET FACILITY MAY BE TERMINATED IN FUTURE DON’T SEND DSL BROADBAND CHARGES.


    Dear Sir (TELEPHONE NO. 5702623)
    I got DSL connection about a year back. But unfortunately for the past few months Internet connection goes off after 5 to 10 minutes and it cannot be restored despite hectic efforts. I have not only lodged a number of complaints but also personally visited chaklala exchange to rectify the fault but all in vain. Usually the attendant in Chaklala exchange gives telephone No. 0514320383, line man and asked to contact him for help. But lineman neither attends the phone nor visits my home to resolve the problem.
    Sir, my one daughter is in RIFA International and two others are in Islamic University (in M Phil and Master). They have to complete their assignments and have to do other research work.
    I am regularly paying DSL connection charges without having service.
    With great anguish I have to say if PTCL is unable to provide me uninterrupted DSL service then the DSL FACILITY MAY BE DROPPED ONCE FOR ALL and future Broadband charges be dropped from bill.
    With best regards

  5. 24
    John Says:

    Change your Line get new Ptcl wire, it would be awesome . Without wasting more money to other net change the all Wire to new that’s all

  6. 23
    SOHAIL Says:

    sohail qureshi says:
    attention please all the higher authority or ptcl
    my ptcl number is 02134920509
    my dsl device name is EchoLife HG510a
    My phone is often dead:
    We regret to inform you that various complaints for above mentioned telephones connection and many time reminders on different ways but there no response from your authority, we are facing huge difficulty to communicate for various matters its effects on our export performance and cause big losses. Please take this matter urgently and solve at your very earliest.
    The subscribers to PTCL`s broadband service (DSL) are unable to browse since 2 months, surf, search, upload and download data. Those who has subscribed to 4MB services get only 30kbpsor-40kbps of downstream speed and 10kbps of upstream speed
    some times status show or some times not show
    .SNR Margin Down/Up(dB) 13.0/10.4
    Attenuation Down/Up(dB) 60.0/37.2
    and this time status is not show
    Software Release V100R001B025SP01 PTCL
    ADSL State Down
    Data Path –
    Operation Mode –
    Max. Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 0 / 0
    Bandwidth Down/Up(kbps) 0 / 0
    SNR Margin Down/Up(dB) 0 / 0
    Attenuation Down/Up(dB) 0 / 0
    Power Down/Up(dBm) 0 / 0
    CRC Down/Up 0 / 0
    FEC Down/Up 0 / 0
    HEC Down/Up 0 / 0
    System Up Time 0:38:26
    DSL Up Time 00:00:00
    The DSL service was discontinued several times for days due to technical faults best known to the officials concerned and whenever a customer calls them he is given the ready made reply that there is a fault in the exchange or the service is being upgraded.

    Many customers have sent written and verbal complaints to concerned officials of the company but they did not get any answer.

    The customers of broadband request to the chairman of the company to send a team of experts to smooth out the problems so that they can get solution to their problem


    MY CELL NUMBER IS 03452739117

  7. 22
    Taimur Ali Says:

    PTCL is getting better but not their lines which is still bad in most places.

    PTCL chaps should devise a DSL ultra high speed internet without tagging a phone line. And PTCL should come up with a modern DSL modem with no phone hooked, it must be pure independent jet speed net.

  8. 21
    rayymat malick Says:

    i hav got this shity internet 1 mb with dial up speed…here in mansehra plz do somthing with 1 mb…i dont need any doubleup?…..this shit is increasing day by day (coz its speed is not more than 125 kb)

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