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PPP Finds its Wasi Zafar – Corruption

Posted on 07 December 2009 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,368

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It seems that the PPP government has finally found its equivalent to Wasi Zafar (the absurd, and often obnoxious, Law Minister in Gen. Musharraf’s government). Listen to the Rt. Hon. Abdul Qayyum Khan Jatoi, Federal Minister for Defence Production, proclaiming that it is the “political right” of every politician to do corruption: “yaar, karrapshun pay humara haq nahiN hai, aur unn ka hai!”:

In all fairness, I should confess that there is a certain bholla-pun and naivety in Mr. Jatoi that is markedly different from the viciousness of Mr. Zafar.

Minister Jatoi does seem to be trying (badly) to make a argument – a silly argument, indeed; but an argument nonetheless. But he may also have hit on a real truth. Not only because so many politicians do indeed believe what he has naively said but even more because we have indeed created a system of governance (through the actions of the politicians, of the military and through the reactions – or lack thereof – from the courts and the media) that smacks of political immunity for the corrupt. Maybe we should listen to what he is saying more carefully, after all.

Of course, the host – Javed Chaudhry – is having a field day; and enjoying it too. A big part of this is the host’s inappropriate badgering and the game of trying to ‘corner the guest’ rather than having a conversation. Its a game played by all our leading hosts. But the fact of the matter is that Mr. Jatoi does himself no favors and looses his cool again and again. Even when the host shows some tarss on the guest, the Minister just keeps digging himself into deeper holes.

Seems like this is a pattern with Minister Jatoi, since he keeps coming for more from Javed Chaudhry. Watch them here too, as the host corners Mr. Jatoi to proclaim that he is himself corrupt (around min. 5:50). And, then, again, dig himself even deeper in a hole – trying to make a ‘point’ but making a fool of himself instead, even as the host tries to give him a way out.

And if you want more, see the next segment, when both Mr. Chaudhry and Mr. Jatoi keep at it.

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