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PTCL EVO Offers Free Surfing for One Month

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PTCL EVO Offers Free Surfing for One Month

Posted on 21 March 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 4,534

PTCL has announced PTCL EVO Big Bonus Offer, that allows all new customers to enjoy free second month if they purchase PTCL EVO device today.

Who can avail the offer?

The promotion is valid for all new EVO customers except for customers making purchase on DayPass package.

All you have to do is buy a new EVO Connection and you get full value of your first month’s usage absolutely FREE the next month.

This is a limited time promotion.

Terms & conditions:

* This offer is valid on purchase of all new commercial EVO packages except Day-pass.
* Offer is not valid for Nitro and EVO Wifi cloud customers.
* Customers are not allowed to downgrade their package till they have used free balance
* Additional usage in Go, Lite & Wiz packages will be charged from bonus balance.
* Customer must connect to the internet within first 3 days of the 2nd month to be eligible to use free balance or it will expire.
* Customer is not allowed to downgrade their package during this offer but customer can upgrade the package, in which case customer has to load the additional balance required to subscribe to the upgraded package.
* In the Advance billing package, customer will be required to pay Rs.2000 advance bill. After first bill payment, the next month will be free.
* In Landline package, customer will be billed for first month; after payment of first bill 2nd month usage will be free.

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PTCL Lahore Data Center

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PTCL Lahore Data Center

Posted on 15 January 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 4,156

In today’s rapidly changing business environment the reliance on automated processes, and IT systems that underpin them, has grown. Systems must not only be available around-the-clock, but must offer protection and security for both customers’ information and the company’s data. However, few companies have the resources or desire to handle every aspect of their e-business infrastructure in-house. Increasingly, companies are turning to PTCL for the resources and skills they need to achieve a reliable, responsive and resilient infrastructure to suit their needs.

Data Center Sites:

  • Karachi
  • Lahore


  • Infrastructure Hosting (Caging, Co-Location)
  • Application Hosting (To Host Customer applications on Unified PTCL Infrastructure)
  • On Demand Services (DR Solution , Backup Solution, Storage on Demand, Processing on Demand, HA through PTCL infrastructure)
  • Hosted Business Solution (Email & Collaboration , Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, SaaS (Software as a Service), CRMs, ERP)


  • 99.999 % Uptime
  • Every component is TIA 942 compliant
  • Quarterly Technical Audits
  • Round the clock support
  • Gigabit Ethernet on demand basis
  • 3+ Tier Storage Architecture>/li>

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Landline Budget Plan-Zero Line Rent

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Landline Budget Plan-Zero Line Rent

Posted on 26 November 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 7,538

After the successful launch of Regional and Local call packages in rural and semi-urban areas of Pakistan, Capped minutes were tested through special NTC packages in Lahore, Karachi and Sukkur. The customer feedback has hinted towards a latent demand for capped on-net packages especially in current economic condition where people want to budget their expenses.

Budget Plan Packages

1. Basic Budget (For Low end Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 249 per month
  • Free minutes : 200 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

2. Budget Plus (For Low to Medium Users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 399 per month
  • Free minutes : 400 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month
3. Family Budget (For Medium to High Users)
  • Package charges: of Rs. 699 per month
  • Free minutes : 750 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

4. Business Budget (For Business / Commercial users)

  • Package charges: of Rs. 1,999 per month
  • Free minutes : 3,000 On-Net minutes
  • Line rent: Zero
  • Package type: Opt In
  • Subscription: 1st of next month

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PTCL Launched 9.3 Mbps EVO Nitro Device

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PTCL Launched 9.3 Mbps EVO Nitro Device

Posted on 16 August 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 39,113

PTCL has launched the most awaited product EVO 3G Nitro in Pakistan. EVO 3G Nitro uses EVDO Rev. B Technology and gives upto 9.3 mbps.

USB Charges: Rs.3, 999 – One time charge
Nitro Unlimited: Rs.2, 999 monthly

More information about EVO 3G Nitro

This is Pakistan’s fastest wireless broadband internet which gives speed upto 9.3 mbps & uplink upto 5.4 mbps. Average data speed varies b/w 1 mbps to 3mbps. Existing Evo customers can upgrade their devices.

Instant connectivity, just plug and play. High speed USB compatible with any laptop, desktop, netbook.

Unlimited downloads and fast HQ video streaming and uploads.

Official EVO 3G Nitro EVDO REV B link.

• Cruise with Matchless Speed of up to 9.3 Mbps.*
• Enhanced user experience
• Faster web browsing
• High Quality Video Streaming
• Unlimited Downloads
• Faster uploads
• Plug & Play—Instant Connectivity
• USB compatible with laptops & Desktops.
• Average data rates vary between 1.25 Mbps- 3.75 Mbps
• Backward compatibility & seamless roaming on Rev A Network (up to 3.1Mbps) in 99 cities across the country.
•Device Upgrades available for existing Evo customers.

*Speed is on Best effort basis up to 9.3Mbps on downlink & 5.4Mbps on Uplink. Speed depends on factors such as modem capability, location, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users.

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PTCL Broadband Double Speed 8MB

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PTCL Broadband Double Speed 8MB

Posted on 23 July 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 11,070

PTCL has doubled its broadband data rate speed and upgraded all its existing 2Mbps customers to 4Mbps data rate on the same tariff and all existing 4Mbps customers have been upgraded to 6Mbps data service at the same tariff. In addition a new 8Mbps package has also been introduced. PTCL will have the following data rates for all its broadband existing and new customers with effect from July 15th 2010.

  1. 1Mbps at Rs 1199
  2. 4Mbps at Rs 1999
  3. 6Mbps at Rs 4999
  4. 8Mbps at Rs 6999

The existing 2Mbps package will no more exist and all existing 2Mbps customers have already been upgraded to 4Mbps package on the same tariff.


  • PTCL is the largest broadband service provider in Pakistan with over 500K satisfied broadband users.
  • PTCL Broadband is available in over 414 cities across the country.
  • PTCL broadband customer has the liberty to choose from various packages. PTCL Broadband keeps you connected to high speed internet all the time.
  • Economical package for students, corporate and individuals.
  • Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers on ‘Buzz’ broadband web content infotainment portal

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