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Pakistan Muslim League (N) Website Gets Hacked!

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Pakistan Muslim League (N) Website Gets Hacked!

Posted on 08 March 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 3,981

It a recent development, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) lost control of its official website when a hacker, apparently from Pakistan, defaced its official website.

Below is the screen shot provided, courtesy of Google Cache as PML N was quick enough to forward their URL to a backup page available here http://www.pmln.org/.

It looks that Hacker is fed-up of the current state of Pakistan. He tried to record his/her protest by hacking into PML-N’s website and left following comment:

Plz stop filling your own pockets, think about for your country, Our country

Agar yeh hi na raha to tum logun ki jaiban kahan sy bharain gi pir ?

Yeh hai To tum log bi ho and if our Pakistan is not on the map then you won’t be Aswell.

Take sometime and Think about it for a moment

Greetingz : | My lovely Pakistani Nation |

Other political parties can mark this event as a warning for their official websites.

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