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Mobilink & Ufone Sign Agreement for Tower Sharing

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Mobilink & Ufone Sign Agreement for Tower Sharing

Posted on 15 April 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 3,684

Ufone Mobilink thumb Mobilink & Ufone Sign Agreement for Tower SharingMobilink and Ufone signed an accord to enter into an agreement for tower sharing.

The agreement was signed between Rashid Khan, President and CEO of Mobilink, and Abdul Aziz, President and CEO of Ufone at the Mobilink House.

This collaborative effort is in line with the initiatives taken by the Pakistan Telecom Authority and the Federal Government to encourage cellular providers to drive greater efficiencies while reducing the carbon foot print.

Sharing his views, Rashid Khan said,

“This alliance is mutually beneficial and will also facilitate us to better align ourselves with our strategic initiatives and become greener. This will further enhance Mobilink’s coverage footprint, already the widest, hence, bringing more value to the customer which is our top priority.”

Commenting on the accord, Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone, said,

“Ufone has had a keen interest in exploring newer avenues for our “Go Green” initiative and this tower sharing alliance is another step forward to further enhance our initiative. With this alliance Ufone has moved ahead to ensure customers have seamless connectivity no matter where they are in the country. This follows similar alliances with other operators hence allows us to create a positive network layout most beneficial to the customer”

Through sharing of their network infrastructures the two cellular providers will be able to enhance the customer experience by offering a wider coverage footprint, driving synergies and reducing their respective carbon foot prints.


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Ufone Profits Up 82 %, Revenues Up 16 % in First Half 2011


Ufone Profits Up 82 %, Revenues Up 16 % in First Half 2011

Posted on 21 March 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,657

The revenue earned by PTML (Ufone), the wholly-owned subsidiary of PTCL, was higher by 16%, while the profit of PTML (Ufone) was recorded 82% higher in first half 2011 as compared to same duration last year, said the half yearly financial report published by PTCL.

Figures for profits and revenues were not made public, but according to Telecom Recorder’s estimates based on last year’s reports, Ufone’s revenues stood around Rs. 25 billion and profits remained at Rs. 2 billion during the reported duration.

Citing a PTA report, Telecom Recorder claims that Ufone received the highest traffic of SMS. It witnessed exchange of more than 10 billion SMS in July to December 2010.

In December only, the SMS sent on Ufone network was recorded 2.25 billion whereas the outgoing and on-net SMS numbers hit at 2.15 billion, further said the Telecom Recorder.

Ufone added a total of 725,902 subscribers during July-December 2010.

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Protest Against Telenor’s khamoshi Ka Boycott TVCs

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Protest Against Telenor’s khamoshi Ka Boycott TVCs

Posted on 21 March 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 4,140

People of Multan are on the roll. Being always the first in any kind of resistance, NGOs and public in Multan staged a protest in front of Multan Press Club against Telenor’s “Khamoshi ka Boycott” TVCs.

The protest, on Sunday, was called by various NGO’s including Naveed Sehar Foundation, Save Future of the Child Organization, Young Pakistanis Organization, Rabita Pakistan Pasiban.

Protestors were holding banners to show their displeasure for Telenor’s “Kahmoshi ka Boycott” TVCs.

Senior officials of above mentioned NGO’s said that Telenor’s TVCs are not only spreading despair amongst Pakistanis but they are also negatively showing the culture of Pakistan which is hampering the image of the country.

They said that Telenor is presenting Pakistan’s culture in worst possible manner just for the sake of their marketing and subscriber count.

They said that gender discrimination and harassment is a global phenomenon. “While the ratio of sexual harassment incidents in Pakistan is way lower than other countries, Telenor is misrepresenting the facts just to spoil Pakistan’s image”, said a protestor.

“Telenor is trying to portray that due to gender discrimination, people don’t allow their sisters, daughters to work or to get education, which is not the case in real”, he added.

Protestors demanded Telenor to immediately stop airing these TVCs or these protests will be taken to next level.

Protestors demanded PTA to devise a policy for cellular company, so that national interest, national integrity and culture is not compromised in future TVCs from cellular companies.

Telenor Pakistan is airing a series of TVCs in which they are asking for the public opinion about various issues including:

* Booti Culture
* Parchi System
* Aurton ki Izzat (Women’s respect)

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PTA Committee Formed to Look into Mobilink’s Outage

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PTA Committee Formed to Look into Mobilink’s Outage

Posted on 08 March 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 4,213

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has formed a Committee headed by Member (Technical) PTA, Dr. Khawar Siddique Khokhar to analyze situation that arose after Mobilink’s outage on Sunday.

This was mentioned in a statement issued by the authority.

Statement said that DG (Enforcement), DG (Licensing) and DG (Law) at PTA are also part of this committee that is likely to prepare a report based on facts gathered during their visit to Mobilink’s office to formulate a way for better crisis management during any such events in future.

Mobilink’s in-house investigation on incident will also be made part of this report.

The Committee is deliberating further action on the issue from all technical and legal aspects and how such incidents can be prevented in future, said the statement.

According to Daily Times, Mobilink’s outage was also discussed in senate’s standing committee meeting for IT and Telecom. Paper said that committee has directed the regulator to take action against the company by imposing fine and/or arranging compensation for the customers.

We are not sure of any possible fine imposition on Mobilink, however, after our conversations with multiple PTA officials, it looks that Mobilink may end up paying something to each customer as a compensation – but again, there’s nothing decided so far at authority’s headquarter, its something that’s just on the PTA’s cards for now.

After this incident, and other relating fire eruptions in past, PTA is looking into its options to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. For this, according to our sources, authority may regulate to make it necessary for all operators to maintain backups of all core-infrastructure equipment, also termed as disaster recovery setup.

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Mobilink Sponsors Ali Zafar’s Jhoom

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Mobilink Sponsors Ali Zafar’s Jhoom

Posted on 15 February 2011 by PakBee - Total hits: 4,826

Ali Zafar, the renowned singer, song writer, actor, painter, also known as the Prince of Pop and the brand ambassador of Mobilink Jazz is releasing much awaited sufi album “Jhoom” today.

In his latest album, Ali explores his mystical side by touching upon Sufi and Semi-classical music.

Mobilink Jazz has sponsored Ali Zafar’s Jhoom and is carrying special promotional activities on its official facebook page. Along with, Mobilink has created a special page dedicated for the Jhoom:

According to Ali Zafar, Jhoom is a sufi album. He believes that Jhoom will take his music to another level.

“It’s different from anything I have ever done before. I think today’s music survives only for a month, and I believe that music should be timeless. I want to be remembered for my music.”, notes Ali Zafar

Our friends at KoomMuzone are following Ali Zafar’s Jhoom very keenly.

Download Jhoom Tones

You can download Caller Ring Back Tones for Jhoom Album with following codes

  • Jhoom: 143308
  • Allah Hu: 143774
  • Dastan e Ishq: 143775
  • Dastan e Ishq (Dhol Version): 143776
  • Jaan e man: 143777
  • Jab say dekha tujh ko: 143778
  • Janey na: 143779
  • Jee dhoondta hai: 143780
  • Jhoom R&B: 143781
  • Koi umeed: 143782
  • Nahin Ray Nahin: 143783
  • Yar Dhadi: 143784

Download Instructions

  • Dial 230, Select Language, Press 3 and enter the code.
  • Price: Rs 3.99 + tax / min, Rs 15 + tax / month


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