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20 Signs You were Born in 90s in Pakistan

20 Signs You were Born in 90s in Pakistan

Posted on 09 July 2014 by Ariel Sharoon - Total hits: 11,605


Living in 2014, the period of 1990s seems old and ancient but won’t you agree that despite the absence of technology the times were better?

Here is to reliving the last decade of the 20th century with signs that tell if you were born in the 1990s:

1) You Would Die Before Missing an Episode of Hum Paanch and TuTu Mein Mein.




2) Playing KING, BARAF-PAANI, CHUPAN CHUPAI was More Addictive than Candy Crush.



3) You Could Buy a bottle of Pepsi, 2 packets of chips and one Roll – all with Rs.10 and still have Rs. 1 Left for Chutti time!

4) Going to a Wedding Meant Drinking 3 Bottles of RC Cola.

5) You Fought over Who was Better in the Awaz Band– Haroon or Fakhir?

6) You Played Mario Brothers Like There was No Tomorrow.

7) When “Thelay Ki Kulfi” was Better Than Magnum.


8) All You Dreamt was to be Alone so That You Could Act Like the Home Alone Kid.

9) You Saved Your DOS Assignment In One of These..

10) You Dressed Up for Eid with Little Shiny Purses and Lighton walay Joggers.

11) When watching ‘Madhuri Dance on ‘Dhak Dhak Karne Laga’ was the equal to watching an Adult Movie

12) When AinakWala Jin Was More Exciting than Game of Thrones.

13) When Owning a Cycle with Blinking Horns was Better than Any Smartphone today.

14) You were Fined for Not Speaking English at School.

15) You Knew You Had Grown Up when You Started Using Ink Pens.

16) When Guriya ki Shadi was Some SERIOUS Business.

17) You Know the Meanings of 5 words: Assoo-Panjoo- Haar-Kabootar-Doli Better than any of Eminem’s Songs

18) You Used GOOGLE for the first time for Your Science Assignment.

19) When Your First Account on Orkut was all You Could Talk About in School

20) You Ended Up Fighting over Dial-Up cards with Your Siblings.



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Top 8 Apps Of Pakistan

Top 8 Apps Of Pakistan

Posted on 08 July 2014 by Ariel Sharoon - Total hits: 3,357

There is no limit of topics about which you can find free as well as paid Apps in Android Google Store and download them on your Phones and Tablets. There are are also a large no. of awesome Android Apps Available in Google Play store related to our great country Pakistan. Mostly these Apps are related to News and General Information of Pakistan.

Here is A List Of 8 Nice Android Apps Related To Pakistan That You Must Download If You Are A Pakistani:


All Newspapers Pakistan:

Download this app if you want to read Pakistani newspapers for free daily. you can read almost 70 Pakistani newspapers in this one application for free. all famous newspapers like Jang, Dunya, Khabrain, Insaf, Daily Waqt can be read on this App for free. I love using this app daily to get news about Pakistan. size of this app is just 280 KB.



Beautiful Pakistan:

Download and Use this awesome app to explore the beauty of Pakistan through pics. awesome land scrapes, nature, mountains and other beautiful places of Pakistan are shown in this app. This app was launched in 2011 and its size is 7.8 MB. this app represents positive side of Pakistan unlike Media which always shows negative side.



Pakistan Sim Check:

If you want to check how many Mobile Sims are on your name in Pakistan then get this app. we all know problem of fake Sims registration is so common here in Pakistan. People gets Mobile Sims on NIC of others. but this app will help you if someone known person is using a Sim on your name. App size is just 622 KB so no issue of storage.



ATM Locator:

Find locations of ATMs near to your current location. If you are present in a market or unknown place and want to withdraw some cash but don’t know where nearest ATM is located then this app will help you find it. This App will also tell you contact details with driving directions of these ATMs so you can reach there easily. App size is 806 KB only. those people who mostly goes to new places very often must download it.



5 Pakistan Dialing Codes:

Find dialing codes of different areas of Pakistan with this app. you will have to include 0 yourself at start of every dialing code. App size is very small just 22 KB. you don’t need internetaccess to use the app.



Pakistan Income Tax Calculator:

This app will greatly help you to calculate your tax. Pakistanis pays very less tax and one of the reason is they don’t know correct mechanism of calculating their taxes. but this app will make things really easy for you. Just enter your income and found the amount of tax.

7 Geo News:Read latest news of Pakistan on this official Geo News app. Geo News is the largest News and TV Network of Pakistan and brings latest news before other News groups. This app has news in English. you can also watch latest headlines and Videos.
8 Pakistani recipes: Learn how to make different Pakistani recipes with help of this free Android app. This app is really useful for the Women who wants to learn new recipes. Size of App is 188 KB.

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Telenor 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

Telenor 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

Posted on 08 July 2014 by Ariel Sharoon - Total hits: 2,104

Telenor Telenor Brings 3G Dongles With Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bundles

Telenor has announced the availability of its 3G Dongles that support high-speed wireless internet on the go.

Telenor said that its 3G enabled USB Dongles provide flexibility, value for money and the assurance of no hidden charges, that is no extra taxes or anything other than the advertised tariffs.

These USB dongles come with daily, 3 Day, weekly, monthly and monthly plus bundles. Keep reading to know the details.


Telenor’s 3G enabled USB dongles are available at company service centres. Customers can avail dongles after biometric verification of their thumb impressions.

Customers can buy Telenor’s USB dongle for Rs.2500 and get 1500 MB free internet for three months (500 MB for each month)

Data Bundles for USB Dongle:

Bundles Rupees Volume (8AM – 1AM) Volume (1AM – 8AM) Validity in Days
Daily Rs. 25 100 MB unlimited* 1
3 Day Rs.35 200 MB unlimited* 3
Weekly Rs.75 500 MB unlimited* 7
15 Day Rs. 150 1 GB unlimited* 15
Monthly Rs. 400 3 GB unlimited* 30
Monthly Plus Rs. 1,000 8 GB unlimited* 30

*Fair usage policy of 500 MB per day applies during 1AM to 8AM. Downloads during this duration wouldn’t be accounted for allowed quota limits.

How to Activate?

  • Send “SUB” to “6004″. Select the desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.

Terms and Conditions

  • Data SIM registered through a biometric kiosk is required to get data services on dongle.
  • Free Usage is from  1AM to 8AM and given 500 MB daily for this time period.
  • Free 1500 MB will be given as 500 MB* / Month for 3 month.
  • If you are not in 3G area Data SIM will seamlessly shift to 2G internet.

How to operate your Dongle

  • You can use the Dongle software or put the Data SIM in your phone to do any of the following.
  • To know about your current balance write “BAL” and send message to “6001”.
  • To recharge your Data SIM either get easyload on your number or write the 14 digit code of scratch card and send to “6002”.
  • To know your currently available internet volume write “VOL” and send message to “6003”.
  • To subscribe to 3G bundles, write “SUB” and send message to “6004”. Select your desired bundle from the received SMS Menu.

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