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Warid Launches Android App for Calculating Zakaat

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Warid Launches Android App for Calculating Zakaat

Posted on 22 July 2013 by PakBee - Total hits: 2,227

Warid Telecom has launched an Android app for its customers to help them calculate their Zakaat – an important pillar of Islam – with ease.

Usually a lot of people struggle with calculating Zakaat. They remain unclear about items on which Zakaat is applicable and the Zakaat rates itself. This is where Warid Zakaat Calculator comes in to solve all the sensitive problems.

With Warid’s Zakaat calculator users can maintain their Zakaat logs for themselves and their friends and family under separate accounts. Users can add as many accounts as they want.

There is special section with the app to help the users understand the philosophy of Zakaat. It also answers questions such as who pays zakaat or Zakaat is payable on which things and so on.


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Burger King coming to ‪Pakistan‬

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Burger King coming to ‪Pakistan‬

Posted on 14 July 2013 by PakBee - Total hits: 4,426

Burger King is finally coming to ‎Pakistan‬! Starting from ‎Karachi‬ and soon in Lahore.

Burger King in Karachi Pakistan

Burger King is opening its franchise soon in Pakistan. Its in progress & coming near you to give u taste from king of burgers .. so get ready to Grab your KING Burgers ..

Burger King Contact and Location in Karachi

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