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Ahmadinejad for Ulema Conference Against Terrorism

Ahmadinejad for Ulema Conference Against Terrorism

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Iranian President Ahmadinejad has recommended a joint sitting of Ulema from Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan to chalk out a combined strategy to combat terrorism in the region, Geo News reported.

Ahmedinejad said our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was neither a Sunni or Shia but a Muslim. Killing each other strengthens the enemy and weakens us.

He said that people in Pakistan are not scared of terrorist attacks and blasts, in fact they are facing it with courage.

The Iranian president said, ‘western powers do not want Pakistan to progress. Iranians are with the people of Pakistan and will not leave them alone’.

He warned that presence of US in Afghanistan is dangerous for regional countries.

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Smart NIC System by NADRA

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Smart NIC System by NADRA

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Islamabad (National Database and registration authority has launched latest smart card for the citizens of Pakistan. To set a Smart National ID Card, visit NADRA Registration Centre.
NADRA is proud to introduce state-of-the-art T based SMART National ID CARD (SNIC) tc give you an experience of a Hi-Tech security solution for protection of your identity.

Why SMART National ID Card?

with 36 Security Features;

  • Multi-dimensional Usage & Service;
  • Social & Financial inclusion Programmes;
  • Use of State-of-the-Art Encryption Techniques;
  • Live Identification ofCjpiurcd I- ngoi prints;
  • Easy Pension Disbursement;

and a lot more to offer in the future…

NADRA Helpline = (051) 111-786-100

National Database & Registration Authority
Ministry of Interior
Government of Pakistan

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