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Kristina Svechinskaya

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Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya (Russian: Кристина Владимировна Свечинская, born ca. 1989) is a Russian money mule hacker. A student of the New York University, she was accused of a plot to defraud several British and U.S. banks of sizeable sums and usage of false passports. According to charges, Svechinskaya used Zeus trojan horse to attack thousands of bank accounts and opened at least five accounts in Bank of America and Wachovia, which received $35,000 (£22,000) of money theft. It is estimated that with nine other people Svechinskaya had skimmed $3 million in total.

Fluent in English, Svechinskaya was originally studying at the Stavropol State University. According to Svechinskaya’s mother, after the death of Kristina’s father their family was living on a sole 12,000 ruble salary. While on her third year, Kristina chose the Work & Travel program and arrived to Massachusetts, where she started to work in the fastfood branch. The earnings in Massachusetts however were tiny and she moved to New York, where she was drafted as a hacker. Svechinskaya was dubbed “the world’s sexiest computer hacker” for her raunchy, but casual appearance and was compared to Anna Chapman. In the Facebook account Svechinskaya’s personal interests are designated as “hacking”. If convicted, she could be imprisoned for up to 40 years. This includes the plot charge (30 years and the $1 million fine) and the false passports charge (10 years and the $250,000 fine).

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