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Angelina Jolie in Pakistan (Pictures)

Posted on 01 September 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 18,675

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Angelina Jolie was in Pakistan last days as a Goodwill Ambassador of UNHCR. It was her second trip to a nation where a visit by Hollywood Celebrity seems inconceivable. First we used to pigeonhole the visit of officials in Pakistan on regional basis, but now I have to do that on professional basis. Many doctors or foreign spiritual leaders might have visited Pakistan but the visit by Angelina Jolie left a human touch. Covering herself with grime and climbing on a truck does seem Hollywood style but it happened in Afghan refugee camps. Seldom does our representative leader, visit these camps, even imported diplomats do it with gauzed hands, with the breath of bad air kept away. Polluted camps were no breaker to Tomb Raider lady […]

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3 Responses to “Angelina Jolie in Pakistan (Pictures)”

  1. 3
    Akhbari Reporter Says:

    She returned home safe and soundly, which proves that there is no threat to outsiders in Pakistan.

    Pakistan rocks! 😀

  2. 2
    Mubashar Ghumman Says:

    hii thank u Angelina Jolie…. good job thnx for helping us

  3. 1
    Maaz Jafri Says:

    Angelina had done fabulous job 4 the Victims of Flood in Pakistan! I as a Pakistani Appreciate her Work…. And hope that she continue Helping Poor & Deprived peoples! May God Gives her More Power and Strength!Lots of Luv…! 🙂

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