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Ramazan Iftari and Sehri Deals in Karachi 2010

Posted on 15 August 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 30,614

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All Restaurant’s Iftari and Sehri deals are arranged in alphabetical order according to Restaurant’s name

Post updated on 13-08-2010: Iftari deals of KFC, KBC, McDonald’s, Avari Towers, Indulge, Roasters, Mela, Kahva, Student Biryani, Cafe Aylanto, OPTP (One Potato Two Potato), Pizza Inn, Shan-e-Mughlia, Hotel Mehran, Lavish Dine Restaurant, Marcopoloinn has been entered.

Eat n’ Travel lists all the deals in one post for our readers & fans to decide where to Iftar & eat Sehri from. This is an incredible achievement that has never been done in any other blog/website for sure. Here comes all information about Iftar Deals and Sehri Deals for Ramadan 2010 in one go. 

Aqua Lounge:

Iftar: Iftar + Appetizer + Buffet + Desserts + 1 Soft drink = Rs. 1200/- (Discount on the spot depending on your luck)

Call: 021-35376700, 35376701

Arizona Grill:

Iftar: Arizona Grill & Express: Buy 1 main course + 50% off on 2nd main course.

Call: 021-35810630, 021-35810631

Avari Towers:

Iftar: Iftar + Dinner = Rs. 1520/- almost 35 dishes beverages included,

Under 5 are charged 50%

Call: 35660100


Iftar: Iftar + Buffet = Rs. 850/-

Call: 111-227-111, 021-35371673, 35832841

Cafe Aylanto:

Iftar: Iftar Platter Fruit chat, drum sticks, mini sandwich, pakora, cheese, samosas, main course, dessert tea/coffee, mineral water, abe zam zam, sharbat/lemonade Rs. 1175 + tax

Timings: 7-8:30

Under 5 years Free

Call: 3-587-5724

Cafe Zouk:

Iftar: Iftar Rs. 329 + tax = Rs. 385/- (Chicken Sticks, Sandwiches, Chana Chaat, Dahi Barey). Dinner: Main Course is buy 1 get 1 Free (Dinner discount is only applicable with purchase of Iftar buffet, otherwise normal rates follow in Dinner)

Call: 021-35856491-92, 0300-8256293

Copper Kettle:

Iftar: Iftar + dinner buffet with unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, lemonade, cake Alaska, and unlimited sweet dishes only for Rs. 849 + tax = Rs. 999/-

Call: 021-35878887


Iftar: Any Pizza + 50% off on 2nd pizza.

(You get a coupon of 20% which will be reimbursed on your next order.)

Call: 111-366-466

Evolution Restaurant:

Iftar: Iftar, Buffet, Unlimited Soft Drinks & Water for per Adult Rs. 745 + tax and Children Rs. 373 + tax.

Call: 021-35860941, 35824651, and 35824653

Hotel Mehran:

Iftar: Iftar + Dinner 60 dishes for Rs. 780/-. Timings: 7 to 10pm

Under 5 years free, whereas 5 to 10 are charged 50%

Sehri: Rs. 325 + tax. Timings: 3 to 4:30

Call: 111-909-909


Iftar: all you can eat chicken tikka/chicken fajita pizza deal , pitcher re-fill. Rs. 400 + tax

Another deal Platter: Sandwiches, burgers, pepsi, chocolate decadence cake slice. Rs. 300 + tax

Late night: garlic bread, sheesha, French fries dip, cocktail, hotwings, nachos, vegepotpie Rs. 350 + tax

Call: 021-35877953, 35877956


Iftar: Buy 1 get 1 50% off.

Call: 3455-3582


Iftar: 4 deals where each is for Rs. 170 only:

  • Zinger Burger, hot wing, French Fries + drink
  • Clubsandwich, 2 hotwings, French Fries+ drink
  • ¼ Broast, 2 hotwings, French Fries + drink
  • Tikka, clubsandwich, paratha + drink

Call: 021-35350403, 35350404, 35343120


Iftar: Iftar Box: Rs.100 khajoor, samosey, pakorey, Chicken Club, Sandwich French Fries, & Drink

Call: 111328522



Dine-in: All you can eat Rs. 650/- (zinger burger, Arabian rice, chicken piece, regular fries, regular drink) only available for 1 hour from iftar.


1st deal: 1 Zinger Burger & Drink Rs. 225/-

2nd deal: 9 piece of chicken & 1.5 ltr = Rs 875

Call: 111-532-532

Lal Qila:

(90 dishes Dinner & 20 Iftar dishes)


  • Ramzan 1st week deal: Iftar + Dinner = Rs. 690/-
  • 2nd week onwards Iftar + dinner Rs. 810/-

Timings: Maghrib to Isha. After Tarawee (Isha) only Dinner will be served for Rs. 690/-

Call: 021-34388363, 34388364

Lasagnia Restaurant:

Iftar: Iftar + Dinner for only Rs. 590/- with an offer of 10% discount until 10th Ramzan.

Call: 021-34991156, 34991157

Lavish Dine Restaurant:

Iftar: Fruitchat, chana chat, samose, pakore, roll, khajoor, assorted juice, 11 main dishes in dinner, salad. Rs.555/- per head, whereas under 5 years old are free.

Call: 34601406, 34570423


Iftar: Iftar + Dinner for Rs. 575/-

Call: 021-32068540


Iftar:. Spicy Mccrispy chicken deluxe burger, 4 wings, regular drink, regular fries, Rs. 360.

Timings: 6-9pm

Sehri: All burgers normal deals apply. No deal. Delivery Time: uptil 2am. Branch remains closed at sehri.

Call: 111-244-622


Iftar: Iftar + Dinner for Rs. 525

Call: 34992620, 34811146, 34226222, 0300-2139842, 0323-2624266



  • Deal 1: strips & rice + drink = Rs. 299 + tax
  • Deal 2: Chicken Steak, 1 side line + drink = Rs. 399 + tax
  • Deal 3: Half Chicken, 1 side line + 1 drink = Rs. 499 + tax

Call: 111-626-367, 021-34390451-54

OPTP (One Potato Two Potato):

Iftar:  Pakora Chicken Wings 12 for Rs. 299/- and 24 Wings for Rs. 499/-

Call: 0322-3251179

Pizza Hut:

Sehri: All mid-night deals available.

  • 1 large pizza 1.5 ltr drink 755/-
  • 1 large panormous Rs. 690 with 1.5 ltr drink.
  • 1 medium pizza 2 small drinks Rs. 463/-
  • 1 small pizza + 1 small drink = Rs. 217/-

Iftari: Dine-in: All you can eat & drink (along with salad) for Rs. 599 + tax = Rs.700/- only. (Flavors: chicken tikka, chicken fajita, hot & spicy, beef supreme)

Call now: 111-241-241

Pizza Inn:

Iftar: 2 large pizzas for Rs. 700.

2 medium pizzas for Rs. 500.

3 large Rs. 1020.

3 medium Rs. 750. N

No TAX to be paid.

Call: 0213-5374501

Qaiser’s Restaurant:

Iftar: Iftar + Dinner + Dessert (more than 10 dishes) for Rs. 550/- per head from 7th Ramzan onwards.

Call: 021-32628954, 0300-8240055


Iftar: Rs. 995 + tax. Iftar + Dinner 29 absolute dishes. 1 glass of lemonade, others charged.

Timings: 7:10-8:30

Reservation to be made with full payment. Be in the restaurant 1 hour before.

1 child complementary

Call: 3-530-2204, 3-530-2205

Room Service:

Iftar: Onion Rings, Cheese Cigars, Chili Poppers, Drink, Any Sandwich, Pasta, (Chicken, Vegetarian, Beef, Sea Food) of your choice for Rs. 399/-

Timings for delivery: 4pm – 2am.

Call: 021-3586-3655, 35863677


Iftar: Iftar + Dinner (25 items + 92 items) for Rs 790/- with Mineral Water free

Under 5 years free. 5 to 10 years Rs. 540/-

Call: 0321-6844542 (0321-MUGHLIA)

Student Biryani:

Iftar: iftar box: regular biryani, 1 samosa, 1 jalebi, 2 pakore, fruits, khajoor Rs. 125

Dine in: Rs. 399/- all you can eat (chicken biryani, chicken karahi, shami kabab, crispy broast, salad, raita, kheer, nan)

Sehri: mid-night deal 2 single biryani Rs. 160/- Timings: 12-3

Call: 111 111 778


Iftar: Buy 1 get 1 Free

Call: 021-34390357


Iftar: Iftar + Dinner = Rs. 850/- (whole week)

Sehri: Buffet = Rs. 490 (Saturday & Sunday only)

Call: 021-35843121

Eat n’ Travel Pakistan wishes its readers & fans a very HAPPY & BLESSED RAMADAN!


PS: we will keep on updating this post as restaurants setup deals. Keep on visiting this post for more updates.


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    @ hassan.. really inspiring.. I wish everyone could think like you 🙂

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    What About Rangoli ????? Rangoli Ka Dinner Kaisa Hai And How Many Dishes Are They Offering ????

    Plzzzzzzzzzz Reply Baqq Qiuckly Coz I Have To Make Booking By This Evvening …………….

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    @ hassan ur words inspired me alot

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    Well my friends first of all this blog is very tempting & attractive for food lovers like me. And ya thanks to God who blessed us with bounties to enjoy and say thanks.
    In present catastrophic flood,
    “Could u even imagine to eat Rs 500 or Rs 1000 meal for the sake of your enjoyment & to feed yr hunger?”
    Close yr eyes when u r fasting and think about the Muslims & Pakistani brothers & sisters laying on roads & make shift tents with no clean water and food to do Sheri & Iftar. And if still yr heart says to enjoy the expenses & luxuries than I am failed & WE ALL are failed as nation & as Muslims.
    Anyhow, I have planned to do something which u people might like as well:
    Every year we all go out for couple of Iftars and as our family have lot of children (MASHALLAH) and to take them on a trip to Pizza Hut is must. So rather than paying approx. Rs 700 each i would give them Rs 700 in hand and request them to come with me to put Rs 500 of that money in an NGO Flood Relief collection box by persuading them with benefits of charity and after that we will have Iftar for Rs 200 each at some place like Red Apple or some where.
    Or if u still wants to enjoy expensive Iftar or Sahri, give equal amount of money in charity for the purpose, before entering or paying for meal. And if you are enjoying without remembering the needy one’s than there is no use of Fasting as well.
    Our materialistic inner self argue us that our parents are giving lot in charity or we are giving comprehensive amount in Charity. So we can enjoy but remember that the current MISERY & PROBLEMS of flood required the maximum. So what ever we gave is less but still we should give maximum.
    At night when u r about to sleep in your comfortable bed with AC giving cool breeze just close your eyes to feel the pain of people lying on roads and u will INSHALLAH knew wht u r loosing by not giving everything u can.
    God Bless us, God forgive us & God save us from such natural disasters as the way society is going we will not be in position to handle the ruggedness & neither will someone help us as like us they the flood victims might be busy in enjoying festival in future.———————– JAGO JAGO JAGO

    * Persuading & teaching at early stage of life is very necessary for future personality & society development.

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