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Airblue Plane Crash in Islamabad near Margalla Hills

Posted on 28 July 2010 by PakBee - Total hits: 28,843

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Airblue Flight Crash Location in Islamabad


Airblue plane crash with margalla hills islamabadISLAMABAD: A commercial airbus of AirBlue has crashed into Margalla Hills, a mountainous range behind Shah Faisal Mosque, apparently due to rough weather, Geo news reported.

According to preliminary reports, as many as 150 passengers including crewmembers were on board plane while the smoke is seen rising through heavy clouds from the crash site, police and rescue service officials said.

Eyewitnesses said people noticed airbus flying at very low altitude near Daman-e-Koh this morning and it might have crashed due to rough weather.

The wreckage can be seen in video footages with fierce fire raging and smoke emitting from there despite heavy rains in Islamabad.

Airport sources said the flight took off at 7:50am from Karachi to Islamabad but crashed due to uneven weather a few minutes before landing after loosing connection with control tower.

Islamabad is witnessing heavy showers and thick fog at the moment. Meanwhile rescue teams have been dispatched to area.

ISLAMABAD: Five people have been rescued from the wreckage of a Airblue crashed at Margalla Hills early on Wednesday.

One hundred and forty-six people including 139 adults, five kids and five crewmembers were onboard whereas 12 are those lucky people who missed the flight.

According to sources, an airbus 320 bound for Islamabad departed from Karachi at 7:50 am. The local residents said plane made low flight before the crash.

Rescue operation is underway despite difficulties because of hilly location of the incident site.

Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said five wounded being shifted to hospital whereas rescue operation and search for black box is underway. The airport control tower had signaled landing approach to the plane when it was just eight kilometers away from the airport, reports said.

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4 Responses to “Airblue Plane Crash in Islamabad near Margalla Hills”

  1. 4
    BADAL / Mohib Says:


  2. 3
    mashood Says:

    in the day of judgment every thing will be clear that who did this , or how happend this. But mean while who will show his/ her SABUR to Allah and ask TOOBA, IZTAGHFAR from Allah those will get the best replacement. This scene of accedent was the just a formality and the reality was this that they have finished their time in this world.
    just pray for all the human.

    Take care u all


  3. 2
    Rumaila Says:

    I got some sms that the plan was fired with air craft gundue to no fly zonenear president house….Why for only sake of two persons 159 persons were sent to death. yyy???

  4. 1
    someone Says:

    Its just amazing that our Govt & information Minister have two versions of Black Box. The first he confirmed that the Black box of the plane was found and at 9pm he say its not found. I was at the spot with a CAA guy who confirmed that the Black Box is found and waiting for the concerned authorities to be handed over, he was communicating with the crash site through his wireless. Everyone is saying that its the Capt’s fault but i believe its not as he was a very senior pilot with around 30000hrs flight experience so given below are my observations:
    1. There was no thunderstorm in Islamabad with normal rain and the mountains were covered with clouds otherwise rest is all clear at certain height so why the pilot didnt follow the route and went towards mountains which is 4 to 5 nautical miles away from the normal round which he needs to take. I cant believe with such experienced pilot he doesnt know where are the mountains and what was the altitude of the plane.
    2. What happen to Aircraft collision avoidance systems which is pre-installed on every plane and atleast you get to know 5 miles before what is coming to you if there is any collusion to happen so it was off or everyone at the cockpit was sleeping.
    3. Islamabad is surrounded by mountains by only two sides and the other directions its all land and no mountains so why the pilot went only towards mountains why not the open sides even he can see where are the clouds and mountains are in Islamabad. Why all the systems at the plane were unable to tell that you are flying low in altitude and there are mountains ahead.
    4. The plane altitude was very low below the required altitude which is also questionable and why the pilot unable to climb the plane.
    5. As PIA flight was directed towards Lahore then why airblue flight was kept there. I believe just to save the cost which means passengers life is not important as compared to cost.
    6. If you see on all the news channels that they went to the homes of the victims but no one went to see the pilot family or no information about them so what they want to hide or to show to the public.
    7. There were many eye witness but none of the them came on the news channels so my question is WHY. One eye witness said that the plane was not flying properly so it means there was some fault in the plane but just to safe Airline the reports are hidden and all the blame is going to the pilot.

    There are many other points but what my opinion says is that there was a fault in the plane and the pilot took the plane towards mountain just to avoid civilians or more deaths in case of crash landing on the land. The black box is also now not found so this means it just vanished after being found means they want to hide information.

    So all of you just think over it what point i had made.

    Links for Black box found at 6pm on Geo news and other channels confirmed by Minister of Information and then at 9pm link from Geo that the Minister denied of any Black box found.

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