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Properties of Altaf Hussain in UK

Posted on 17 November 2009 by PakBee - Total hits: 20,753

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For years the founder of leader of Pakistan’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has spoken about financial misappropriation and irregularities of the country’s feudal and industrial rulers through alleged or real misuse of power.

But British Land Registry records now revealed that Altaf Hussain, the charismatic middle class leader of Pakistan’s third largest political party could not curb the temptation of acquiring a series of expensive and middle class properties in the British capital – one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Altaf Property 1Altaf Property 2

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24 Responses to “Properties of Altaf Hussain in UK”


    If one assumes for the moment that all u people say about MQM is correct then where are ur suggestions for atheist sharif brothers, moron asif zardari & prostitute benazir bhutto…..

  2. Shan Says:

    For an kind information , our all army intelligent agencies and other big politicians and burocrat are involve with , we cant only saythat Mqm or Altaf hussain , or his big team playing here, this is all of our faults , we we have to change the system by ourselves and have to come inthe politics and to be a prt of the game if we want to change the system , Mqm has givena lots of his own peoples blood , and have taken lots of lives to , and now they are the underworld of Pakistan in white cream colors , they have made enogh money by all other right or wrong means , to saty stable for atleast 10 years and with all their preparations in the field of pakistni politics , and their is only one way , if the Army and all agencies focuses on the real factors , and which they all know,but they wont they cant they are already been saled to us for waziristan and fromtier to kill or real brothers , shame on us shame on our so called leaders , and to the highest level players of the country , what we all can do is just pray and see what happens and when the day of peace for eveyone comes…

  3. Bhai Says:

    Hira esa coment na kia karo gher se utha lane ka b order mil sakta hy U knw?

  4. Coach shoes Says:

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  5. Rahat Ali Says:

    Because in my opinion all this money come from us…………

  6. Rahat Ali Says:

    People must think about all this…………..

  7. Arif Says:

    Puri dunia ko pata he k ye sub kese bana he kese kese bhatta leker kitne masoom logon ko mar kar kitne ghar ujar kar kitni pakistani oaraton ko bewah bana kar is bhagore ne ye sub kujh banaya he , is leye to ye pakistan nahin aaraha he halanke is kanjar ki party musalsil 09 salon se power men he ? har us aamir dictator ki mqm ne himayet ki he kunke ye facist and terrorist party he jo her wo kam karti he jo chahe kitna bhi gira hua kun na ho. All pakistanies are well aware of this black sheep

  8. HIRA SHEIKH Says:


  9. Tweets that mention Properties of Altaf Hussain in UK - Report by Roger Harding for The Asian Journal | Pakistan Bee -- Says:

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Pukaray Pakistan. Pukaray Pakistan said: [...]

  10. Umair Afzal Says:


  11. wofpak Says:

    This is the time,our people must have to know our enemies.Living in a luxurious home of London how can he understand muhajir people’s problems as he always called himself, quaid of muhajirin.
    Inteligent muhajir people call him BHAGORA QUAID OF PAKISTAN.

  12. mkkhan Says:

    gando ha gando ha altaf gando ha mujay jab bi mala goura bana kar chodonga.

  13. Asad Aziz Says:

    MQM is a fascist party..anybody who tries to leave is killed by the terrorists of MQM. Most of the MQM leadres recieved training in camps in India. They are well trained murderers and terroriusts.Gov.Sind himsellf killed many innocent Pakistanis. Same is the case of all other top leaders who are die hard terrorists of top class.

  14. MQM Lover Says:

    MQM is only democratic party in pakistan

  15. ali Says:

    jis na altaf hussain ka bara main ulti sedi baat ki us ki ma main chodo

  16. Umar Says:

    jia qauid e tahreek Quaid Hussain Bhai

  17. Pakistan Zindabad Says:


  18. ubaid Says:

    this leader of pakistan every say this but this is not fear kis ko kay ha kio jo marzee kar laa har kes kee apni marzee

  19. Aamir Says:

    MQM Pakistani awam k paiso say nahi bana
    onhoo nay apnay Itehad k zaryee aur apnay funding k zarye
    sab kuch hasil kia ,, i am not a MQM but i like MQM.
    coz Iltaf Hussain United all MQM.
    abi bohot logo ko yeh baat hazam nahi horaha …


  20. ZIA Says:

    poor people poor money gando buy house in london .. and i say no home in london who this home u dad..or mother sex do in london buy house.. mqm say middle class party where middle class.. … gando gando mqm mqm kill altaf hussain is LEAD OF KILLED …

  21. zain bashir Says:


  22. Inam Says:

    hmmmm….i don know y people become blind at these things…..i wish we had faithful government and faithful leaders..may god change us all(ameen)

    Islamic Youth Community
    The First Muslim Youth Channel

  23. pakistani Says:

    Inshallah Allah tala is insan ko kabhi nhi chore ga!!! ek ek pakistani ki baddua lage gi is shaks ko!! ek dafa agar ye pakistan a gaya to jahaz se utarne se pehle hi is dunya se chala jae ga!!!


  24. Salman Says:

    yea bohat zulm ha pakistan k awam k saat aur pakistan k aik aik paisy k saat jo is qaum k logon k khoon paseny k paison say begarti daika kar awam ko doka dia gaya
    hamara pakistan ka paisa wapis karo

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